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Gary Barwin

Gary Barwin was featured on episode three with poets, Yvonne Blomer and Laurie D. Graham when we asked, what does a poetics of water look like/sound like in Waterloo Region?

Gary is also a novelist. He has since gone on to win a number of awards most recently winner of the 2021 Canadian Jewish Literary Awards for his novel Nothing the Same, Everything Haunted. The awards annually honour books with Jewish themes written by Canadian authors in the categories of fiction, biography, poetry, children and youth, scholarship and Holocaust.

Laurie D. Graham

Laurie D. Graham appeared on episode three. She has since published a book length poem, Fast Commute. A powerful book-length poem on environmental destruction and the violences of colonial nation-states. Laurie D. Graham is the acclaimed author of Settler Education.

Frances Roberts Reilly

Here at Watershed Writers we are also authors. Frances, our Executive Producer is a published poet.

Her book is Parramisha: A Romani Poetry Collection (Cinnamon Press 2020). Parramisha is Romany for ‘our story’. When so much is written about Gypsy culture, by non-Rom, Parramisha is a counter-narrative to those stereotypes in undoing , silencing and erasure.

Yvonne Blomer

Yvonne Blomer has a new book of poems out this spring. The Last Show on Earth.

“Read against the backdrop of a global pandemic, the poems in Yvonne Blomer’s latest collection, The Last Show on Earth, tap into the intimate nature of grief at the same time they speak to the collective nature of sorrow.” – Publishers Weekly.

Madhur Anand

Madhur Anand was featured on episode ten when talked about her 2020 Governor General’s Award winning memoir: A Red Line Goes Straight To Your Heart.

Her new book (out this spring) is titled Parasitic Oscillations. 

“Anand’s attention to and ability to evoke explicit, exponential beauty in scientific and natural form are simply stunning. . . . Anand’s debut is in every measure a triumph.” – Publishers Weekly.

Alysha Brilla

We love our theme tune. Regular listeners of Watershed Writers likely have heard our theme tune. It’s “Water” from her album “Rooted” by Waterloo Region’s Alysha Brilla.

Alysha is a 3X Juno Award nominated artist, songwriter and music producer with a special interest in sound as a healing modality. Brilla is the first female artist in Canada to have ever received multiple Juno Award (Canada’s Grammy) nominations for her self-produced albums. Brilla’s work is driven by a deep belief in music’s power to transform ourselves and our world.
Listen online on Alysha’s Sound Cloud.

Janet Rogers

We’re thrilled to share the video poems of Janet Rogers, Tuscarora writer, performer, and publisher. Here is the book trailer for her latest book, Ego of a Nation.

Emily Urquhart

Emily was a guest author talking about her two books, Beyond the Pale and her latest book, The Age of Creativity: Art, Memory, My Father, and Me.

You can find more about her many articles and essays on her website.

Luke Hathaway

The Affirmations is Luke’s fourth book of poems. “The Affirmations is a work of trans poetics in the most radical sense. Begun in motherhood, in an experience of birth as an experience of affirmation, and continued through Hathaway’s transition, The Affirmations is a re-relationing with self and other, elder and myth. It’s a book about what happened when Hathaway fell in love—and about what happened when love shot the messenger.” Atlantic Books.

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