Get to know an exciting mix of novelists, poets, authors, playwrights and essayists from a wide range of genres from the Grand River Watershed.

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Episode One:


We talk with Kitchener writer Erin Bow about her award-winning middle-school novel, Stand on the Sky, in which a young Kazakh woman trains an eagle to hunt. We also talk about Russian folk tales and the place of science and poetry in Erin’s writing life.

Watershed Writers – ERIN BOW

Episode Two:


We talk with the multi-talented Janice Jo Lee about what it takes to write and star in a one-person musical, her tips for writing poetry as song, and her advocacy work with young writers.

Watershed Writers – JANICE JO LEE

Episode Three:

Sweet Water

We meet Yvonne Blomer, the editor of the Caitlin Press volume Sweet Water: Poetry for the Watersheds and speak with poets who are writing about and for their local watersheds. With Gary Barwin and Laurie D. Graham.

Watershed Writers – Yvonne Blomer, Gary Barwin and Laurie D. Graham

Episode Four:


We talk with writers and editors of Textile, a literary magazine that showcases the diversity of the Grand River region, and works to mentor emerging writers in the creation of community-engaged art.

Watershed Writers – Yasmeen Nematt Alla, Ashley Hynd and Fitsum Areguy

Episode Five:

Mike Chaulk and Sarah Tolmie

We talk with Mike Chaulk about his book Night Lunch, in which he crews on a ferry and freight vessel up the Labrador Coast. 

Also on the show, Sarah Tolmie introduces us to her book, Check, about confirmation bias, and we talk about writing speculative fiction.

Watershed Writers – Mike Chaulk and Sarah Tolmie

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